For some artists music is like a language that needs to be learned, for others it’s understood from birth. For Lazy J it’s simply natural instinct. Not even out of his teens Jelal ‘Lazy J’ Edmonds has already released two mix tapes, stacked up countless features, appeared on national television, and acquired a fan base into the tens of thousands. As one of the most unique young talents to grace Australia’s hip hop scene, it’s no surprise. Exploring his talent and love of music from a young age, Lazy started writing his own rhymes while still in primary school. Choosing to study the raps of legends Tupac, Notorious B.I.G and NWA over maths, science, and history, it was his mother who gave him the name we all have come to know, by telling him he was “so lazy” for never doing his homework. With one foot in the old school, one in the new, Lazy J combines an underground sound with slick beats and a perfectly effortless flow to create a style that is truly his own. Switching between solo tracks and collaborations with his duo partner, Big Guy, allows Lazy J to change up his style on the regular, throwing scripted lyrics against freestyles, production quality versus raw. Finding an equation that works, all it takes is Big Guy’s vocals + Lazy J’s rap + an acoustic guitar + a video camera = an ultimate listening experience. And with average YouTube views into six figures per video, it’s clearly a formula that works. It was with Big Guy that Lazy J first introduced himself to the nation on the 2010 series of Channel 7’s X-Factor, and then again in 2011. The duo made it into the top 6 of the groups category both times, being flown to the U.S. to perform in front of industry heavyweights Snoop Dogg and Usher. Receiving positive feedback from some of his idols, the biggest boost for Lazy was having the ‘Doggfather’ of rap himself compliment his flow, saying simply: “he’s got it”. This career changing experience gave Lazy J the confidence to explore himself as a solo artist, resulting in his first mix tape, Natural Instinct, produced by DJ Manny, in 2011. A 30-track display of every facet if his talent, Natural Instinct gave Lazy the chance to work with, and learn from, different producers, writers, and performers grinding in the local urban scene today. Not putting any of it to waste, the last half of 2011 saw Lazy J develop on his own, experimenting with styles and sounds, which he would release as weekly online tracks each Friday. Generating an underground buzz that was all his own, these tracks came together to make the Lazy Fridays mix tape, released in March 2012. Now working on his EP, Lazy admits this will be a different sound, “more commercial, whereas the other mix tapes have had an underground sound – but still hip hop,” he assures us. Giving us a taste on his recent iTunes release, ‘I Got It’, produced by Nic Martin, the EP features Dream Big artist Matt Cenere, and of course, Big Guy. Looking to dominate the scene, for now Lazy J is happy doing what he loves – making music and working hard at it. No one will ever be able to accuse this guy of being Lazy, not even his mother.

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